Sharon Lea Anderson, Mrs

Council Member, Ward 2



Sharon uses Social Media exposing Major Corruption ALL LIVES MATTER,ANIMALS ALSO 100 Blogs Twitter Handle: Facebook Page: Affiant VA Widow has tracked City Hall 40 yrs, Self Taught, Blogger, PC Nerd, currently downloading Windows 10 Homegrown, similarily situated with Homeowners, Seniors, Vunerable Persons, with thousands of pdf files Grade School Eastern Heights, Marshall Jr. St.Paul Central.1 daughter Vonessa,7Grandchildren. Blind in L Eye, Training my Chichuhua's Therapy Dogs.

Must expose the Citys Ponzi Schemes for personal benefits, ISSUES FAIR HOUSING,ADA,LYING LAWYERS, COMMITTMENT ABUSE, CORRUPT COURTS, CITY ST.PAUL, insider Trading stealing our Homes, Water,Cars, to put Seniors in High Rises or ForProfit Senior Living. triggers Death,Disabilitys,Disparagment of Titles. Denial of Due Process before City Council. and Courts. Excessive Taxaction, Fees,Assessments contrary to MN Constitution Art. X VOTING VIA PDF WITH PHOTO ID Separation of Powers seeking Resignation of Jerry Henderickson 4 Ineffective Assistance of Council. Takings via Insider Trading similar Rev.MaryJane Duchene CEO nonprofit of DDA Death or MURDER, Affiant must go her Web Master Hopefully Pat Fearing will Educate the Public on Police Brutality. utm_source=followingdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20150731 The U.S. Solicitor General, in a petition for certiorari,asked the high court to review the Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision last December thatoverturned the 2013 insider-trading convictions of Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson. In that decision, the influential New York court held that prosecutors must prove not only that the men traded on material, non-public information but that they knew the source of the information received some kind of gain for sharing it. �This cert petition is a risk for the government,� said John Donovan, a partner with Ropes & Gray in Boston, in e-mailed comments. �They risk the Supreme Court affirming the Second Circuit decision, and tightening the elastic way in which prosecutors have been able to apply the `personal benefit� test.�

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