Edward Nemetz

City Council Member, Woodbury



I grew up on the East side of St. Paul and have lived in Woodbury for eleven years. I served on the Woodbury Planning Commission from 2009 through 2014 and held the position of Commission Chair in 2014. I earned a Bachelor�s of Civil Engineering and a BA in Architecture at the University of Minnesota. I also earned an MBA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas. In my professional career, I have worked in structural engineering, project planning, and management roles. I am currently employed as an engineering manager in Minneapolis, focusing on industrial and power projects.

One of the biggest challenges that Woodbury faces, is to ensure that it continues to attract a strong share of the economic growth opportunities that are anticipated for the Twin Cities region, and to encourage that growth to focus on the East Metro area. Woodbury should continue to follow its practice of planning for managed and sustainable growth, but the city needs to adjust for changing market conditions in order to bring high quality jobs to the community in the future. If elected, I will support outreach to regional groups to encourage strong economic growth in the east metro area and highlight Woodbury�s advantages as a place to live, work, and shop. As the demographics are changing in the metro area and Woodbury, I will consider the need to plan for a suitable mix of housing, transportation, and services to address the preferences of an aging population and smaller households. If elected, I will advocate for improving transportation connections between commercial and residential areas in order to encourage long-term development in Woodbury. I will support updates to the city planning process and Woodbury Comprehensive Plan to accommodate the needs of current and future residents and business owners including opportunities to encourage redevelopment and reinvestment within the City of Woodbury.

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