Warren Limmer

State Senator, District 34



Maple Grove

Current Republican State Senator. Married to wife Lori, and father of three children. Lifetime resident of Northwest suburbs. Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1979: Residential and Investment Property Sales. Graduate, Armstrong High School. Graduate, North Hennepin Community College. Graduate, St Cloud State University, BA, Criminal Justice Studies.

JOBS, TAXES, AND SPENDING: Government spending should not fiscally threaten our families, jobs, and those on fixed incomes. Minnesota is rated as one of the highest taxed states in the nation. Our state ranks as the 47th worst business tax climate. Goods and services produced in other states and overseas include far less government-imposed costs than Minnesota, killing our competitiveness. Our businesses need to competitively join new technology markets; we need to reduce taxes, create reasonable regulations, and expand vocational training to keep up with private sector realities. EDUCATION: Despite recent record-breaking educational spending increases, the distribution of education dollars is unfair due to decades of political deals that benefit certain areas of Minnesota at expense of suburban taxpayers. We need to get closer to equalizing per student funding that provides quality education for all kids statewide. I support local control of our independent school districts, oppose �top down� federal mandates (like Common Core), and will continue fighting for the right of every parent to choose the best education for their children. TRANSPORTATION: One of the specific mandates in our state constitution is �Transportation.� We've lost that priority in our state�s base budgeting. We need to exhaust other funding opportunities rather than increasing gas tax, such as the use of bonding (loans at current record-low rates) to freeze costs and start new construction immediately, complete unfinished projects like Hwy 610�s remaining south/east bound ramps to Hwy 94, and prioritize a larger portion of our base budget to transportation needs.

  • Republican Party of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
  • Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis Association
  • Minnesota Farm Bureau PAC
  • National Federation of Business, MN Safe Trust
  • TwinWest Chamber of Commerce PAC
  • MN Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC
  • United Transportation Union-SMART-TD

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