Edward Davis

Council Member, Ward 6


St. Paul

I am running for public office because I enjoy facilitating the passions of our community. Minnesotans value strong communities, which as a community organizer/advocate with degrees in ecology (Bachelors) and urban planning (Masters) is important to me. After a short period in urban planning, I focused on the raising of my girls along with using my organizing skills for Eastside groups such as Meal-on-Wheels, D5 Community Council, Duluth & Case Booster Club, Children's Garden, E-Democracy, Gateway Food Initiative, and Parks & Recreation. If I am elected, I will continue giving back to OUR EASTSIDE, YOUR HOME.

During my community-related work, I meet people with Eastside ties. As a community booster, I always ask the people, who moved or will move away for their reasons as I want to use my skills to make any positive change. They cite issues such as poor schools, personal crime, property crime, low-quality housing, and too-many immigrants. In fact, even kids cite some of these issues. For too many people, the positive aspects of our Eastside are forgotten. If elected, I will commit my 2 terms to highlighting the many talented, humble, old and new Eastsiders that created and continue to create the many positive aspects of our area and our name, the Eastside of St. Paul. I would consider more community relationship building via a renewed neighborhood recreation center system (2 centers closed) and more positive exchanges between residents and police (Officer Friendly, regular foot/bike patrols on Payne/Arcade, and substations). I would consider municipal support of schools to build trust in our neighborhood schools. Our schools are part of our economic/community development program. I would consider the continuation of efforts to address the vacant housing that plagues some areas. This place is OUR EASTSIDE and YOUR HOME. Let us work together to love it!

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