Robert Ivers

Mayor, Hopkins



I was born and raised in Hopkins/Minnetonka. I was in the first graduating class of Lindberg High School, now renamed Hopkins High School, class of 1971 & proud of it. I am 62 years old, single, & retired. I am experienced in promotions, music, & small business. I am also an inventor. I have designed an electric car, clean energy generator, & bicycle car, etc. I have business attorneys & plan on going public with a stock offering. I will maintain a warm & open door policy to all citizens of Hopkins and those wishing to do business in Hopkins.

I will create "Hopkins Has Talent," which is a talent showcase & festival every Saturday from 9 a.m. to midnight at the downtown park. No license is required. Sell your goods, crafts, art, food, clothing, etc. Beer & soft drinks for sale. Bring your own picnic basket. Sign up: Recite poetry, dance, one act plays, bands, musicians, ballerinas, don't forget Grandpa plays banjo. Everyone welcome! I want Hopkins to be a fun, warm, destination city with sizzle and pizazz. I want to designate Wednesday or Thursday night as a vibrant girls night out, complete with citizen street vendors, actors, strolling musicians, jugglers, clowns, etc. 30% discounts for women! Fun, fun fun! Behind Domino's Pizza in Central Park, a large community winter ice skating rink with bonfires made with any & all clean wood contributions. A simple wooden stage for actors/musicians/etc. Citizen food & drink vendors or bring your own beer, pop, wine, etc, or bring your own picnic basket. Lighting for night skating & all types of music. Electricity available for your cd player or sing, dance, & play guitar. Fun & romantic or what? Always lower property taxes. Prosecute businesses that knowingly sell pull tabs to mentally handicapped patrons. Tough on loitering, riff-raff, littering, and crime. I know it when I see it. Auditing and accountability of all city employees, including police and fire department. A fun mayor for everyone. Change is good. Let's put Hopkins on the map in a big way! It's 2015, let's roll! Thank you.

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